@bout me

My name is Yusuf G Habibi, you can call me bibie…. i attracted about computer network.

since small I have known about the computer. My father who introduced the computer to me. The First time I operated on Lotus, possibly that the experience that most valuable

I a Human that were studying typed was still apologising if having the mistake in writing…..thanks before for my friends who has given the motivation.

Now I learn in the university of UPI yptk Padang, and now to be compiling the task of the end. I hoped the article that I could for this be useful for trick-colleague that needed information in the world of the computer


16 thoughts on “@bout me

  1. habibiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii,…help script 20feb dah gak jalan lagi neh :(( :((:(( fs-gw balek standar lagi broowww

  2. coba generate scirpt na di my link yg saya buat…

    ada tuh namanya Generate Code Friendster….

    coba generate disana…..met metcoba…

    btw ne sapa yah…koq tau nama saia…???

  3. mas ko post tulisannya cuma kebanyakan tentang fs aja… post jg tentang Computer network donk…….btw kbarnya gmana ni?? sehatkan? kapan balek kpadang? si topk lg bingung ni…billingnya error…udah ditanya sama yang punya billing masih blom dibalas…

  4. waduh…….waduh…….
    wz clas telu belajar seng rajin yow plend plend
    jog lali ndungone…
    bagi nak al moen cmw semangt yow plend…
    n’ buat yg punya situs ne numpang coret coret yow…
    tank’s for all….

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